The Team

Sean Patrick Crowell



Sean Patrick Crowell grew up in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania and was exposed to movies as a child by his mother. In 6th grade, his mother wrote a note to the manager of the South Hills Theatre to let him in to see “Apocalypse Now”. After seeing that and the documentary, “Anderson’s Platoon,” he knew that filmmaking was going to be his career. Sean has been in the film business for 20 years, starting as Production Assistant on “Unsolved Mysteries.” For the last 15 years, he has worked as a Key Grip on notable productions such as the TV show “SCRUBS” and the “Hangover” trilogy. “GROUNDED” is his second documentary and is the story of Terry and Jimmy Dougherty, two brothers from Sean’s hometown of Pittsburgh that became marijuana smugglers in the 1970’s. Sean received his bachelor of arts in communications from the University of West Georgia.

Liz Newman



Liz Newman, the Producer of GROUNDED has been a staple in the entertainment industry for 20 years. A native New Yorker Liz worked on features such as Maverick, Father of the Bride 2 and The Game. Television credits include Sex and the City and Scrubs where she met Director Sean Crowell. Since then they have teamed up on the Documentaries BIKE LANE and GROUNDED which is currently making the rounds on the film festival circuit. Liz currently resides in the San FernandoValley with her family.

Andrew Rawson

Director of Photography


Andrew H Rawson is a Los Angeles based cinematographer currently shooting the ABC comedy “Cougar Town”.

Andrew got into the movie business in his early 20’s after a short stint at the North Carolina School of the Arts. Soon he began working on movies as a lighting technician in North Carolina. In 1992 he moved to Los Angeles and started working as a Gaffer. Being a gaffer gave him the opportunity to work with many wonderful cinematographers.

In 2002 Andrew was given the opportunity to shoot his first feature film in Romania, called “Windfall”. Upon returning to the States another cinematographer John Inwood asked Andrew to work as his gaffer on a new television show “SCRUBS”. He spent the next 8 years working with Inwood and show creator Bill Lawrence.

When Inwood started directing, Andrew was the first choice to become the new cinematographer. “GROUNDED” is Andrew’s second documentary collaboration with Sean.

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